How it works

10 students will be gifted at least $1,000 in investment assets, along with personalized guidance to help turn their dreams into reality.


Apply and tell us about a dream that you have to create a positive impact for yourself and others.


10 students will receive a  action plan for their dream, and receive $1,000 in investment assets once they turn 18.


Students who take action on their dreams will be eligible to receive $2,000 or $10,000 in assets. 

Those who go above and beyond could be selected to receive up to 10x in investment assets.

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We want to fund and help you realize your dreams.

Pursue a career or impactful passion project.

Create something to help your family, friends or community.

Invest for your future.

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Why investment assets?

Many young people are locked out of owning investment assets until they reach financial stability at a much later age.

By gifting investment assets such as stocks and bitcoin (which tend to outperform cash over the long-term), we empower students to fund their dream or invest for their future.

Who should apply?

✅ High school seniors in the 2024 graduating class

✅ Students with a specific personal or community-focused dream.

✅ Students who are open to sharing their journey through video updates.

Learn more about how students will be selected

Learn more about how the program works.

A short video from our team about what the program entails—and what we provide to help make your dreams come true.

What happens if I'm accepted?

If accepted, you'll receive an action plan and personalized guidance towards your dream. You’ll also receive your $1,000 portfolio once you successfully graduate and turn 18.

Students who show initiative and take action on their dream will be eligible to receive $2,000 worth of assets. One student who goes above and beyond will be selected to receive investments totaling $10,000.

Frequently asked questions

Who’s eligible for the high school pilot?
Gifted Savings is a 501c3 nonprofit. That means that in order to be eligible for Gifted Savings, you need to be a full-time student at a high school, and your household must show financial need .

Students' households should be within the income requirements below:

For a family of 2: income below $59,160
For a family of 3: income below $74,580
For a family of 4: income below $90,000
For a family of 5: income below $105,420
What are you looking for in the application?
In order to receive Gifted Savings, high school seniors must apply to Gifted Savings here and specify an inspirational dream that they would like to make come true with Gifted Savings.

In the application, we’re looking for thoughtful responses, an inspirational dream that recipients are prepared to take action towards, and a compelling reason why their dream matters and how it would make a positive impact.

We’re looking for applicants who can clearly articulate their dreams (who, what, where, why, and when) even if all the details of the “how” haven’t been figured out yet. In the application video, we’ll also be looking for seniors who are able to engage in storytelling through video and convey their authenticity through their story.

More details about program eligibility here
What types of dreams qualify for the Gifted Savings program?
We encourage dreams that are inspirational and genuinely meaningful to you. Your dream can be about improving your life, the lives of people around you, your community, or a cause you are passionate about. The key is to use your imagination for good and create a plan that we can help bring to life.When sharing your dream in the application, it’s important to be thoughtful and provide context for how this dream will make a positive impact. At Gifted Savings, we believe the most inspirational dreams are ones that positively impact not just ourselves, but others as well.

Example 1: 

“My dream is to start a mobile library where I can bring books to underserved neighborhoods in my area. I want to fill an old bus with books, sharing my love of reading with younger kids in the area and inspire a love of reading for kids who might not have access to books or have someone reading to them. To me, this project is about spreading joy, fostering education, and uniting communities through the power of books. 

Example 2: 

"My dream is to go to art school and become a professional artist, something no one in my family has ever had the chance to do. This dream is huge for me because it's not just about doing what I love; it's about showing my younger siblings that big dreams are possible, no matter where you start from. Becoming successful in art could help me support my family and give back to my mom, who has sacrificed so much for us and has worked hard so that I can pursue my dreams."
What are the requirements to receive Gifted Savings?
To gain access to the $1,000 in investment assets, recipients must be chosen to join the program, graduate from high school and turn 18.

Once recipients turn 18, they will be able to access their funds and decide to withdraw or continue holding their Gifted Savings portfolio.

More details about program eligibility here

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