$1 million has been gifted, so far...

We're launching two pilots, serving different cohorts to measure impacts:

$2,000 per adult in
Yellow Springs, Ohio

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$1,000 per eligible high school senior

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Donors can



to people in their community.

Major donors can gift investments, like stocks, so recipients can reap the rewards of holding investments.

Once recipients hold their investment assets for a minimum amount of time, they can decide how best to use their gift.

Gifted Savings is



and local.

High net worth donors want to give - many have already signed the Gates’ Giving Pledge - but they need an effective and scalable way to give.

We make it simple to have a big local impact. Investment assets can be given directly to people in your local community.

When it comes to building wealth, investment assets are key.

We enable donors to give investment assets, not just cash. And we’re privately funded by donors, so no tax dollars were harmed in the making of this film.

We educate recipients on how to hold, grow, and sell assets so they’re better prepared to make the best long-term decision.

An illustration of two people in front of a bitcoin wallet.

We empower individuals directly by giving them assets while they learn about them.

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Gifted Savings is a 501c3 non-profit,

created and underwritten by a group of open source developers, volunteers and donors.