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I'm excited about the possibilities for our village and anxious to follow the data as it emerges.

I invite you to stay tuned and learn about the project which is totally in line with our village values. We have a vested interest in seeing if this project may be helpful to our residents.

– Pam Conine, Mayor of Yellow Springs

Residents of

Yellow Springs,


are encouraged to apply

To qualify you must:

Be at least 18 years old

Be a resident of Yellow Springs, Ohio

Have a household income within 3x poverty level

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When it comes to building wealth, investment assets are key.

You’ll get a mix of investment assets and cash to help you grow your savings over the long term.

Track the value of your investment assets over time in our easy-to-use-wallet, accessible to all, using any device.

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Create Account

If you're selected to receive Gifted Savings, you'll set up your wallet and verify your ID.

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Set Your Goal

Choose how to spend your savings, and for how long to hold.

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Watch it Grow!

Track the value and cash out once you've reached your goal

Gifted Savings is an experimental non-profit startup, not a bank or an insured financial institution.

In phase 1, 20 participants will be randomly selected and all 20 participants will receive a Gifted Savings account.

In phase 2, participants will be randomly assigned to one of two groups. There is a 40% chance of being assigned to a group that will receive a GS account and a 60% chance of being assigned to a control group that will not receive a GS account.

The original value of the account is not guaranteed, as assets may increase or decrease in value over time.

Recipients of Gifted Savings accounts will hold their assets for a minimum of 2 years.

Recipients may request an early withdrawal of up to $500 per year to cover unexpected life expenses.

The initial $2,000 gift is tax-free. Recipients may have to pay capital gains tax on any value gained after the 2-year holding period, and may be liable for tax on stock dividends. Read more about tax implications

Participants are encouraged to share their experience with Gifted Savings by participating in paid surveys and interviews.

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100% of gifted assets go directly to the recipients.

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We collaborate with UPenn Center for Guaranteed Income Research to measure our impact.

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We partner with Stripe for secure identity and payment. We will never sell data.

It's like the Robin Hood story, except the wealthy are voluntarily giving


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